Why Do Homes Need a Roof Inspection Once a Year?

Roofing inspections are more important than some homeowners realize. When a roof is annually inspected, a homeowner will know if any damage has occurred that needs to be addressed. Homeowners can carry these inspections out themselves if they have a sturdy ladder but some homeowners feel more confident leaving an inspection to professional Residential Roofers.

A roof inspection is vital because it can reveal small problems before they turn into big issues that will be expensive to repair. There are many roof issues that can be revealed with a simple inspection, including:

Damaged shingles
Missing shingles
Damaged flashing
Deck rot
Water pooling

Inspections should be carried out on the roof and the attic since water marks and moisture issues can sometimes affect the inside of the attic. This inspection needs to be carried out on a regular basis and should also be done after major storms. Storms can sometimes cause shingle damage which can make the roof vulnerable. If the shingles are not solid, water can leak through and cause damage to the decking which would then require a total roof replacement.

If a homeowner notices any of these signs when they carry out their inspection, it is vital they seek the professionals for repairs. If repairs are carried out in a timely manner, this will help to prevent further issues from developing that can lead to serious damages and a greater expense.

The average lifespan of a shingled roof is around twenty years but this does not mean problems will not develop before this time passes. Homeowners can prolong the life of their roof by making sure they maintain all of its components.

If you have not had your roof inspected, now is the time. A roof inspection can reveal damage before it becomes major so your roof does not suffer catastrophic damage. If you prefer, the professionals can come out and inspect your roof for you.

If your roof is damaged in any way, it is important you call the professionals and have them check your roof to see what repairs need to be carried out. Contact ADN Roofing LLC and schedule your appointment today. They will provide you with the residential roofing services you are in need of so your roof will be in sound shape.

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